User:ToaFairon/FWS Sacho Nui is an island currently being under attack by the Order of Darkness army.

Sacho Nui
Orbital position

Somewhere around the Northern Continent


Being attacked



Sacho Nui was created by the Great Beings in their construction of the Matoran Universe. It was mainly created by Sacho.

Early existenceEdit

Leptys and Sacho decided to set the Dimensional Tower there, but to prevent anyone from using it, they split it in two parts: The Nui Towers. Both the Nui Towers had their element, one had Space, one had Time, and they were used to keep the world in balance. Sometime later, Leptys came and made some creatures guardians of the Nui towers, and then Leptys left.

Later existenceEdit

Rantu was token off the island by a Toa of the Order of Mata Nui. The legendary first protector of the island, set out to go and protect other islands, so the Matoran of the island had chosen some Toa to become the Toa Sacho and protect the island.


It is currently being under constant attack by Makuta Ralox who was ordered to infiltrate the island and build the Citadel there.


Sacho Nui is a mountainous island, the highest mountain being the Nui mountain (Meaning Big mountain in Matoran language) where the Nui Towers stand.


The city is a pretty big area which is mostly inhabited by the Matoran there.


The mountainous region is a region where only a few Matoran live. It is also said to be home of various mysterious creatures.

Nui TowersEdit

Two big towers which dominate almost the entire island. Some Matoran tried to go in and discover what it is like to be in there, they didn't come far because the guardians attacked them forcing them to leave.


  • It is one of the islands ToaFairon has first made
  • Sacho Nui was named after the Great Being Sacho by the Matoran