Template:Character Infobox Shadrus is a Toa of Shadow that works for Spinorak


Matoran YearsEdit

He worked hard and was dedicated matoran. However he could not help but want more. After he met an adventurous Matoran Jetrak, he began a rivalry. Shortly after selling his shop, he was infected by Necuas making him a Matoran of Shadows.

Quest of the Toa StonesEdit

He and Jetrak began racing to find a group of toa stones, Jetrak found them first but Shadrus used his shadow powers to steal one and become a Toa.

Toa of DarknessEdit

He joined the Bounty Hunters' Guild on Gigas Magna, and got assigned to Spinorak's army, after the ruse failed he began working for Krakanus, and dualed Leviathos. Although he works for the guild his alligance may still lie with Krakanus.


He knows he is not the strongest or most powerful and can be easily intimidated however when he developes a hatred for some one he will fight to the death, he is also proud of his being a toa of shadows.