Space-time is an element that allows partial control over the space-time continuum.

Known PowersEdit

  • Limited control over time
  • Teleportation/Creating dimensional portals
  • Warping gravity
  • This can be used to attract large amounts of matter, which can, if massive enough, start nuclear fusion to become stars or even create black holes.
  • Converting energy into matter
  • turning ones self into energy and back into matter again
  • Destroying dimensional portals.
  • Controlling space.
  • control of all kinds of matter, including conventional, dark, and antimatter
  • Control of evolution
  • Sensing shifts and fluctuations in the fabric of time.
  • Ageing or de-ageing objects or living beings.
  • Focusing chronal energy into focused energy beams.
  • changing forms of matter (for instance making a solid into gas)
  • Unleashing a nova blast that converts all matter in the vicinity into energy (Toa-exclusive)

Known WieldersEdit

  • All Space-Time Ossoona
  • all users of the mask of space-time
  • Leviathos
  • Rajtos (due to an energy absorb from the mask of space tiem)


  • The Mask of Space-Time is one of the most sought-after Kanohi in the multiverse. Only one is known to exist and its in the Seas of Shadows Universe
  • Very few beings have natural control over this element.
  • Normal Toa could not naturaly control this element however toa Ossoona could
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