Sunakark was a great being who served in the great being order.


after many years of serving as a great being peacefully he began to realize he was the most powerful of all the great beings. This planted a seed in his head and he rallied a rebellion against the great being regime to start his own. Eventually he won and ruled for five days before his armies were destroyed. The other great being mutated him and tried to strip him of his power put it only partially worked due to his great deal of power. He then was imprisoned where he mentally followed the life of Leviathos. Angered by him he released an interdemensional poison that turned all the parallel Leviathos evil except for the one in the seas of shadow’s universe who was already evil and left to watch the others kill each other and destroy their own lives and universes. His plan was thwarted when Leviathos sacrificed himself to kill all of his parallel forms except for the Seas of shadows one who he absorbed and transferred all his memories to. These actions however did not escape the eyes and ears of Krakanus. Greatly impressed he decided to invite Sunakark to ally with the Brotherhood of Fear, however he kindly refused saying that he would only join if he were to lead. Not wanting to give up his throne but also needing the help Sunakark he created the High Council of Fear so as to extract power and wealth from others while still controlling the brotherhood of fear.


although the extent of his powers are unkown it is known he has full control over the Space-Time Continuum