The Dimension Chronicles Trilogy is a series of stories by Teammcb. It details the saga of the Bara Magna Resistance Team and their fight against evil. The story takes place in numerous universes in the Gigas Magna Storyline, including the Fruit Glatorian Universe, a universe ruled by Teridax, the Confusion Dimension, and the universe of Gigas Magna itself.

Books in the Trilogy Edit

Chapter ListEdit

The Dimension ChroniclesEdit

  1. The Beginning of the End
  2. The Sacrifice
  3. The New Enemy and the Improved Ally
  4. The First Battle and the First Discovery
  5. Meeting Bug-Eyed
  6. Consideration and Confrontation
  7. Help and More Help
  8. The Alliance of Shadows
  9. Mata Nui
  10. Rescuing and Realization
  11. Forming a Team
  12. Attack of the Fruits
  13. The Beast
  14. Reunited
  15. The Final Battle Part 1
  16. The Final Battle Part 2
  17. Epilogue

The Collection ChroniclesEdit

Coming Soon...

All chapters have been written.

The Deception ChroniclesEdit

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Coming Soon...


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