Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Tsunami used to be a part of the Toa Skeelax. However, the rest of the group were killed, and she was thought to be killed as well. When no one was looking, she escaped and found an Olmak. She used that to teleport to the planet of Zinia, but then the Olmak broke, and she was never able to return.

Life on Zinia Edit

While on Zinia, she joined the ranks of toa. There were seven in all, not including herself. One day, however, while everyone was sleeping, all of the toa in the group but Siria and Hixia were killed. Tsunami, being an outsider, was falsely blamed for the crime and banished to the mountains. There she made her home.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Tsunami carries duel water launchers and the kanohi Fezzik, The Mask of Element Increasing.

Personality and Traits Edit

Tsunami is often bold and daring, and she doesn't back down easily. This sometimes get her into trouble, though.

Appearance Edit