Template:Writer Template:Fiction Underworld Rising is an upcoming stop-motion video series by The Slicer.


The series has three episodes planned, each lasting about twenty minutes.

Official previewEdit

The distant planet of Gigas Magna.

For millennia, the great and noble Enforcers ruled over the planet, protecting the Matoran and Agori inhabitants who had fled there after the Shattering. However, they were betrayed by one of their own, and the world was conquered by the dark Brotherhood of Gigas Magna.

Hiding from the Brotherhood, the surviving Enforcers are scattered across the planet, running from the assassins of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Meanwhile, yet another dark force, located on the planet of Noctxia Magna, makes its plans: the criminal organization known as Dark Talon, which threatens to seize power from the Brotherhood and claim the planet for itself.

The duty of destroying the great evils that are threatening their worlds is left to Girahk, a renegade Dark Talon member wishing for revenge, and Boreal, the former Chronicler of the Enforcers. Each of them departs on their own mission, determined to defeat their foes.

Against them are the forces of darkness themselves. Will they succeed, or will the the last hope for these worlds extinguished forever?



The story is based on that of the canceled hand-drawn comic series, Rise of the Underworld.

Filming is currently in progress. It has been confirmed that the opening scene will detail Girahk's battle with two as-yet-unidentified characters. The film will have from 15 to 40 frames a second, depending on the scene.

Music for the pilot episode will be revealed soon. It has been confirmed that this will be the music for the opening scene.

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