Template:Writer The Unidentified Great Being was the creator of Noctxia Magna. His name is unknown, even to the other Great Beings. Template:Character Infobox


Along with other Great Beings, he lived on Spherus Magna before the Shattering. Unlike the others, he devoted his time to a planet called Noctxia Magna, which he had created as a place of refuge. He traveled to parallel universes and helped to rescue beings in danger and relocate them to Spherus Magna, such as those on Aqua Magna threatened by a rogue black hole. He was away from Spherus Magna when the Shattering took place, and instead of joining the Order of Great Beings on Gigas Magna, left for parts unknown.

He traveled between worlds for the next hundred thousand years, and was at one point mutated by unknown means. It is known that he stopped repeatedly to Bara Magna, where he encountered Xev in a chance meeting. He agreed to take him to Noctxia Magna when he returned.

As part of an experiment, he moved the Noctian Islands to his planet shortly after retrieving Xev. His motives are currently unknown.



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