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The Vandrox are a species of intelligent Rahi native to Gigas Magna.



The Vandrox were created by the Great Beings as steeds for the Agori. The Great Beings, however, did not realize that they were intelligent enough to stand up for their own good. Most Vandrox went into hiding, and ended up on Gigas Magna when Spherus Magna shattered.

At least one Vandrox became a Dark Hunter in the Life Multiverse. How this came to be is unknown.

During the Underworld War, Nacht was set up by the Brotherhood of Gigas Magna as the sham Turaga of Tenik Nui, with Zilia as his accomplice. His claim of being a mutated Turaga was disproven by Ixtil, and they were driven out. The Brotherhood of Gigas Magna eventually defeated the small rebellion.


Later during the war, the Jungle Vandrox Kanias and Veniad rescued Shayla from death, violating their ages-old custom of staying away from other civilization because they believed that she was the Chosen One of an obscure set of Vandrox Prophecies. They were later killed by Void.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Vandrox have the intelligence of Toa and are able to communicate through telepathy. However, they almost never communicate with outsiders, preferring for them to be believed primitive by other species than to have their civilization "ruined" by advanced technology. The small percentage of mutants able to communicate through normal speech spurn this rule.

The Vandrox are divided into subspecies by their elements (more in the Subspecies section below) and have limited control over them, more than the powers of Turaga but less than those of Toa; however, if they undergo training of their powers, they can tap into their abilities much more. Vandrox are both bi- and quadrupedal, though with members of their own kind they stand solely on two legs.


Known VandroxEdit




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