"Oh really? You think they're extinct? Well, say it again when one is at your throat."
―Unknown speaker

Varpines are two-legged dragon-like Rahi. Their wings are on their arms. Pronounced: Var-pine


Vile created the varpines in secret before creating the Glea. Life, during his travels to Spherus Magna, saw the creation and copied it for use in his own reality.


Their homeland is unknown since only one has been seen alive in the Matoran Universe. But it is believed that they like islands with caves, or so Vile claims.

In the Life Multiverse, it is known that they live in the deserts of Rygnos, where they waylay passing travelers.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Varpines are capable of making sonic screams so powerful that they can knock beings unconscious. They have more powers, which are currently unknown.

Known VarpinesEdit

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