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Non-elemental Ice, Levitation



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Varzinox is a Rotaxian in the Gigas Magna Storyline.


Varzinox was a member of the Kodax Army during the Kodax War. He served under the commander known as Mordrax.

After the war's end, Varzinox chose not to leave with the Kodax into the Dwarf Galaxy and instead remained behind on Kodax Magna. When Tetrack founded the Bounty Hunters' Guild, Varzinox joined the organization, and he fought against the Enforcers of Gigas Magna in the Bounty Hunter Wars. After the Guild was defeated, Varzinox went into hiding along with most of its members.

When the Brotherhood of Gigas Magna rose to power, Varzinox was one of the bounty hunters that allied with them.

Near the end of the Underworld War, Varzinox traveled to the Matoran Universe, where he accepted an assignment from Velnax: to kill the Great Being Brominax. He traveled to Nynrah with a horde of Overwatch Rahkshi and attacked Brominax and Rantu, but the two quickly turned the tables on him, captured him, and destroyed the horde. He was then brought to Daxia for interrogation by the Order of Mata Nui.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Varzinox controlled the powers of Ice and Levitation.

He was considered a Rank Four bounty hunter, one of the highest classes possible. He uses the Guokte and Vauhti Combat Forms.


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