Vixtus is a member of the Order of Life, formerly a Rahi on Rygnos and a Dark Hunter. Template:Character Infobox


Early LifeEdit

Vixtus was a semi-sentient Rahi on the planet Rygnos. Once, while dispatched on a mission there, Shadow and Durx discovered Vixtus when he attempted to interfere with a mission. After discovering that he had enormous powers, they brought him to the Dark Hunter base of Odina Prime, where his body was reworked to be stronger, and he was educated by The Shadowed One. Unknown to the Dark Hunters, Vixtus had quickly evolved to be more intelligent than The Shadowed One himself, and left the Dark Hunters for the Order of Life.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Vixtus is on the power level of a Makuta. His powers include light, telekinesis, high-powered energy pulses, magnetism, and teleportation. He is an extremely skilled swordsman, but he has only been defeated once in battle.