Xavtuk is a Dark Hunter in the Life Multiverse. Template:Character Infobox


Early LifeEdit

Xavtuk was a Toa of Acid on an unknown planet in the Life Multiverse. Unfortunately, the planet was attacked by flying Rahi from outer space, and Xavtuk was rescued by the Dark Hunters. Having been badly wounded, he was reconstructed and made to serve The Shadowed One.

Life as a Dark HunterEdit

At one point, Xavtuk tried and failed to infiltrate the Toa Base on Avadox. As a result, he was punished by Shadow.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Xavtuk has the power to create, control, and manipulate acid.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Xavtux's weapons, a pair of Acid Swords, are able to amplify and release his power of acid.


Xavtuk is loyal to The Shadowed One, and harbors no thoughts of rebellion. However, he has a deep hatred towards Rahi.