Physical description

Skrall tribal blade, Thornax launcher

Chronological and political information

Xev is a Bone Hunter in the Gigas Magna storyline. He left Bara Magna with the help of the Unnamed Great Being and is currently a lieutenant in the Order of Darkness.


Xev was created by the Zormacht and originally lived on Spherus Magna. Following the Shattering, he ended up on Bara Magna, where he remained for thousands of years. He eventually joined Nilias' band of Bone Hunters, and was known to ride a sand beast.

File:Sand Beast 001.jpg

Soon after, he was able to convince the Keeper of the Elder Prophecies to let him off Bara Magna. He traveled with the Keeper during the relocation of the Noctian Islands to Noctxia Magna, and accompanied the Great Being to his planet only to run off at the first opportunity.


  • Xev was created by Template:User, but an alternate version was placed in the Gigas Magna storyline by Template:User. That version was later merged with the original character.
  • It is confirmed that Xev will later reappear as a major character.


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