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"Turaga" of Tenik Nui

Zilia is a talking Acid Vandrox from Gigas Magna.


Little is known about Zilia's early life. She was a mutant Vandrox capable of vocal speech, and was shunned from her species' society. She left Gigas Magna with another of her kind (who became one of the Night Gatherers) and came to the Matoran Universe, where she worked as a bounty hunter. She often worked with the bounty hunter Zirahk.

At one point, she and Zirahk were hired by Toa Charon on a mission to take down a Makuta named Matata. More soon...

She later came under the service of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and ended up helping Spinorak during his attempted conquest of Gigas Magna. After the failure of Spinorak's plans, she remained on her home planet and allied with Tetrack for a period of time, helping him plan strategy for the Gigas Magna Civil War. She also knew beforehand that Tetrack planned to murder Forsk, the puppet leader of the Brotherhood of Gigas Magna that Tetrack was manipulating.

Afterward, she and Nacht were sent to Tenik Nui to keep the populace in control and serve as "Heads of State," a sham title. They were nearly expelled from the city by a Ko-Matoran named Ixtil who learned of the Gigas Magna Empire's plans to conquer Bara Magna, but the Brotherhood of Gigas Magna quashed the insurrection.

Zilia was later involved in a rebellion against Tetrack, during which she killed Nacht and assumed the title of Head of State, but her plot was discovered by Tetrack when the assassination attempt on him failed. She then went into hiding.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Zilia is capable of manipulating the elemental power of Acid, to a somewhat lesser extent than a Toa of that element. Unlike most members of her species, she does not posses telepathic abilities.

Zilia is extremely cunning and manipulative, a trait acquired after working for many years with Vortixx. She is capable of tricking almost any being into doing her will, and it is difficult, though not impossible, for a being without a mental block to resist. Her psychological powers and skill in battle strategy make up for her lack of skill in battle itself.



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